Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day Card.

sold to my sister :) code: dad 02

Baby Girl Card.

code: b-girl 01 sold to my sister..tq
code: b-boy 02

Happy Card.

code: happy 01

Hi Card.

code: hi 01
code: L.O.V.E 06

Good Luck Card.

code: g-luck 01

Great Friends~

code: g-frens 01 sold to my sister..tq

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Sweet Card.

code: little 01

Merry Christmas Card.

code: merry 01

You & Me Card.

code: u&me 01
code: esp 02
Sold to Adli....tq :D
sold to mira(Malacca)..tq code: nice 02
code: nice 02

code: nice 03

BFF (Best Friend Forever) CARD.

code: bff 01

Get Well Soon Card.

code: well 01. sold

Thinking Of You Card.

code: thinking 01. sold

Hari Raya Card.

code: raya 01. sold to Sister Ropeah. - GHKL
code: wedding 03
sold to Adli...Thanks Adli... :)

I Love U Card.

code: love u 01

Smile Always Card.

code: smile 01
sold to my sis..tq
code: mms 02

Happy Mother's Day Card.

code: mom 01

Best Wishes Card.

code: wish 01

Just For You + For You Cards.

code: 4 u- 01
code: 4 u- 02

code: 4 u- 03

code: 4 u- 04

Happy Teacher's Day Card.

code: teach

Miss You Cards.

code: miss 01
code: miss 02

code: b'day 04opps..this is not for sale..maaf yer :)

sold to my sis..tq :)
code: b'day 05

code: b'day 06
sold to Dr. Adawiyah..Thanks doc :)

Congratulations Card.

code: congrats 01. sold to Kak Ina - GHKL..Tq kak.. :)


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